Tzvika Steuerman, Partner

צביקה שטוירמן


Tzvika Steuerman has headed the firm's litigation department since 2007.

Tzvika has more than 20 years of experience in leading complex litigation cases, with multiple pieces of evidence and numerous witnesses, including contractual and monetary disputes, class action suits in civil and commercial law, slander, negligence, intellectual property law, administrative law, tender law, antitrust law and labor law.

During his years of practice,Tzvika has represented various clients: private clients, businessmen, commercial private and public companies, including large foreign and international corporations and labor organizations.

Tzvika has vast experience in representing clients before the various courts in Israel and abroad, as well as in arbitrations.

Tzvika has served as a member of the Tel Aviv District Court Committee of the Israel Bar Association.

vhas been an active part of the Israel Bar Association's "Schar Mitzvah" program, as part of his social outlook, providing free "pro bono" legal aid to those who cannot obtain professional legal advice.

LL.B , Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (1995).
Israeli Bar Association (1995).

Hebrew, English.

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