Urban Renewal

Our firm holds rich and diverse expertise under all aspects regarding clear and construct projects and NOP 38, including the representation of leading entrepreneurs in the field in a number of transactions, along with representation and providing counsel to tenants (both privately and via common home representatives) who are interested in consummating a transaction which will improve both the value of their property and the quality of life.
Our firm has an in depth understanding, skill and knowledge regarding all specific aspects of urban renewal projects, both on a legal and commercial aspect, enabling our clients to execute the transaction, all in order to create a proper balance between the parties to the agreement, which will bring the highest profit while protecting important party interests, including the provision of the proper relevant guarantees.
Due to the unique character of the above transactions, and the need to work with a large number of apartment owners in order to reach an agreement, one of our firm’s important characteristics is providing personal and close legal counsel to our clients, enabling direct communication between us and our clients, while listening, providing explanations, persuasion and mediation, in order to reach the understandings between all the relevant parties so as to execute the transaction and perform it in the most optimal manner.
Our firm provides our clients with close legal counsel throughout the various stages of the transaction, from the initial communications with the entrepreneur, and until transfer of ownership of the new apartment, an all-inclusive treatment while providing professional service throughout the project.