Antitrust Law

The firm has vast experience and expertise in providing legal counsel and guidance with regard to matter of antitrust law, including the authorization of mergers, exclusive distribution agreements, joint ventures, etc.

The firm deals with all matters related to transactions which require, by law, the confirmation of Director General of the Antitrust Authority ( M & A’s and binding agreements).

Branch Establishment for International Companies

Our Firm specializes in the alternative courses of establishment of subsidiaries and branches in Israel for international corporate groups, while providing legal counsel throughout the preliminary stages of inception, whether said inception is of an Israeli subsidiary or a branch of the international corporate. Our legal counsel includes representation before Israeli authorities and institutions in procedural processes (such as the Israeli Companies Registrar, local banks, assisting in opening Tax files, etc.), assisting in appointing local representatives, and acting as legal counsel for the corporation in Israel on the various corporate matters and affairs, through the entity’s ongoing commercial administration (corporate resolutions, legal opinions and on-going consultations regarding various commercial issues as well as regulations).



The cyber technology field is one of the growing and developing fields in the Israeli economy, in which each passing year the business activity only grows and creates new record achievements. The field of cyber technology requires ingenuity and adaptability of the services provided to the customers in an arena which changes on a daily basis. Israel is a global center in the field of cyber protection, intelligence, physical security and the development of market braking defense tools, inviting investors from around the globe to seek and find solutions in the field of cyber technology in Israel.

The firm possesses vast experience in the field of cyber technology and has a unique expertise with regard to the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects in this field, in addition to a technological understanding of this field as well. The firm is involved in many investments and transactions made in the field of cyber technology by venture capital funds and by private investors, such as drafting of contracts, conducting negotiations, leading transactions, participation in tenders, etc.

The firm counsels and guides many cyber technology companies throughout the various regulatory challenges they face and provides those companies with an array of solutions allowing them to pass the regulatory hurdles.

The firm’s vast experience enables it to stand by its clients also through times of crises when the client itself suffers from a cyber-attack, providing it counsel which will help the client persevere through such attacks. The National Cyber Security Authority set itself a prioritized value to implement the “cyber protection essentials” within Israeli organizations and corporations, while charting cyber risks and defining defense measures in order to reduce those risks while using the Israeli experience in both civil and military cyber technology.      

Financing Transactions

The firm has vast experience in providing constant counsel and guidance with regard to the various aspects regarding corporate financing will advising corporations in their various stages of existence- from the establishment of the corporation, negotiations on venture capital and other funding, debt finance transactions and strategic transactions, joint ventures, issuance of shares to the public and M & A’s.

The firm guides its clients and provides them counsel in choosing the proper form of capital fund raising, along with conducting negotiations with various lenders in order to adjust the provisions of the finance agreements to the changing business environment.

The firm’s experience enables it to provide comprehensive, creative and multidisciplinary solutions, and handle complex transactions efficiently and pragmatically, and even assist in closing said transactions.

Incentive Plans for Employees and Functionaries

The firm provides constant counsel to its clients with regard to planning and implementing incentive plans for their workers and functionaries in accordance with the client’s needs.

The firm has vast experience in all aspects of planning and implementing the various incentive plans for employees and functionaries, including option and bonus plans based on achievements. The firm advises its clients from the contemplation and compatibility stage for the client and his relevant employee on which incentive plan will be the most suitable to promote the client’s commercial growth.

The firm has attained expertise in all aspects of incentive plans for employees and functionaries so that they will abide with the relevant labor laws, the Company Law, Securities Law and the various fiscal issues.

Intellectual Property Agreements

The firm has substantial experience in the field of intellectual property, providing constant guidance and counsel to both Israeli and international corporations throughout the various stage of development along with providing assistance in defending the client’s technology.

The firm provides its clients with strategic legal services in various aspects regarding intellectual property, including but not limited to, drafting license agreements for software and applications, copyrights, trademarks, commercialization of intellectual property rights, leading M & A transactions, protecting intellectual property rights created during employer- employee/contractor relations, development agreements and agreements with contractors and/or subcontractors, enforcement of intellectual property rights and associated rights in court and arbitration tribunals, trademark registration and samples registration in light of the new Samples Law and its innovative defense and registration provisions accordingly.

Privacy & Databases

The firm provides counsel in various matters relevant to privacy protection due to the legislation changes and demands on the matter. The firm provides counsel on a wide array of matters in the field of privacy protection, including the transfer of private information for the purpose of processing beyond the borders of the State of Israel, direct mailing, legal guidance on supervision and access of use of information gathered and stored by the client, registration of databases, data privacy protection in the EU along with the new rules (GDPR), etc.

The firm advises its clients on all matters regarding protecting data in their possession, in order to perform the necessary adjustments required by the Privacy Protection Authority.


The firm provides legal and strategic counsel and guidance in various fields of regulation. The firm provides ongoing updates regarding various legislation procedures, government decisions, hearings in the relevant regulation field and assists in in early tracking of legislative actions that may have an impact on existing or new client’s conduct. The firm provides, in accordance with the client’s request, comprehensive legal opinions with regard to the various aspects of regulation.


The firm’s legal team has acquired significant experience over the course of time in the various aspects of tender law. The firm counsels and represents its clients from the stage of filing an offer and examining whether the client fulfills the tender’s threshold requirements until the stage of representation by the tender committee and/or tender conductor during the execution of the transaction after the client has won the tender.

Participation and involvement in the filing stage will prevent in many instances disqualification on the one hand, while enabling the successful submission of an appeal with regard to choosing another contender on the other.

The firm’s legal team has unique skills in preparing tender proposals, taking in to consideration foreseeable developments in accordance with the tender’s threshold requirements and while emphasizing our client’s and his proposal’s advantages, along with abiding to the strict provisions of the tender regulations.

The firm’s legal team has substantial experience with regard to all matters of managing litigation procedures in the field of tenders, or defending a tender committee’s election of a client’s proposal while defending the client’s rights accordingly.

Voluntary Association

The firm provides counsel to all types of voluntary associations and non- profit organizations, including public- benefit corporations, and foreign non- profit organizations working in Israel.

The firm provides ongoing counsel and guidance to its clients, such as in establishing and registering the various non- profit organizations with the proper authorities, and providing legal counsel and support they require for their activities.