Zohar Levy, Partner

זוהר לוי

Zohar specializes in civil and commercial litigation and has extensive experience in managing complex proceedings and represents the clients of the firm, in complex and large monetary litigation cases in various civil and commercial matters. including contract law, tenders law, labor law, tort lawsuits and more all before various courts in Israel, as well as in arbitrations.

Zohar provides ongoing legal counsel to the firm’s clients in commercial and civil disputes, representation in labor disputes, disputes between shareholders, the handling of various injunctions, intellectual property issues, employee disputes, and more.

Zohar specializes in tender law and as such, provides the client with legal services from the stage of submission of the proposal and its compliance with the requirements of the tender, and represents the client before the tender committees and/or the tender editor during the execution of the agreement after winning the tender. Zohar further represents the client in various legal instances and courts to dispute the decisions rendered by the Tenders Committee or to defend the selection of the client’s proposal by the tenders committee.

Zohar has extensive experience both in court appearances before the various courts in Israel and in arbitrations.
Zohar joined our firm in 2007 and as of 2014 is a Partner in our firm.

LL.B, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude) (2000)
LL.M, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude) (2003)
Israeli Bar Association (2001).

Hebrew, English.

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Email: zohar@kg-law.co.il

Lior Bahar, Associate

ליאור בכר

Lior is an associate in our firm’s real-estate department.

Lior provides legal counsel to contractor companies in residential projects and represents entrepreneurs in commercial projects for rent, providing him vast experience in lease agreements of revenue providing projects.

Lior also handles clearing & development projects and the registration of common homes at the Israeli land registries. Lior also provides his clients with representation in front of the different government offices, such as the Israeli Land Authority, local municipalities, tax and land registration offices. Lior also provides representation in appeal procedures accordingly. Lior provides ongoing and extensive legal counsel with regard to various real-estate transactions.

Lior started as an intern in our firm, later on becoming an attorney following his completion of the Israeli Bar exams.

LL.B, Ramat- gan Academic Center (2015)
Israeli Bar Association (2016)

Hebrew ,English

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Email: lior@kg-law.co.il

Shahaff Goder, Associate

שחף גודר

Shahaff is a senior associate in the firm’s real-estate department.

Shahaff holds extensive and vast experience in complex real-estate transactions in their different variations, Shahaff handles among other things, commercial projects from the land purchase stage, and providing counsel through the different stages of the transaction such as the financial aspects, fiscal aspects, dealing with the government offices drafting various performance agreements (advisor, planners, project managers, contractors), and the leasing/sale of the project units.

Shahaff also holds expertise in managing residential projects, offices, logistic centers, and lease agreements; sale and purchase (revenue creating assets, buildings, residential buildings, purchase from contractor) management agreements, purchase groups, etc.

Shahaff’s services to his clients are known to be personal and attentive, while providing the client with his needs to his satisfaction.

LL.B, Colman College (1999)
MB.A, Finance, with honors, Colman College (2008)
EM.S, CUNY (2008)
Israeli Bar Association (2000)


Hebrew ,English

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E-mail: shahaff@kg-law.co.il

Adi Levi, Associate

עדי לוי

Adi holds vast and extensive experience in various residential, offices, industry or commercial real estate transactions, including purchase group transactions and urban renewal in all their various aspects.

Adi provides counsel in a personal, professional and extensive manner to contractors, entrepreneurs, apartment sellers/purchasers, lessor/lessee of apartments/revenue producing assets while providing the legal counsel required during project management from the stage of preliminary examinations, molding the project’s vision, providing counsel on the various fiscal aspects of the project, leading the negotiations and drafting the various agreements and the execution of the project, preparing the closing receival of title and registration of the asset on the client’s name.

Adi has an expertise in providing clients with legal counsel in residential projects, preparation of the sales agreements and counsel regarding them accordingly, handling negotiations with the buyers, banks and filing the required reports accordingly.

Adi has experience in drafting agreements regarding work orders from contractors, advisors and other agreements with planners and other professionals regarding the development of real-estate projects. Adi takes an active role in negotiations and the drafting of finance and credit agreements with banks for the purpose of funding the purchase and establishment of the project.

Adi provides the firm’s clients with any service required with the various authorities, such as the land registration offices, local municipalities, tax authorities, and the inspector of joint houses. Adi also deals in other issues of construction and filing appeals regarding the various real-estate  taxes and levies.

Adi was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 2008.


LL.B, with honors, IDC Herzliya (2007)

BA, with honors, Government, Diplomacy & Strategy, IDC Herzliya (2007)

Israeli Bar Association (2008)


Hebrew ,English

Contact Details

Email: adi@kg-law.co.il