Etti Koren, Partner

אתי קורן

Etti is head of the firm’s Commercial and M&A Department.

Etti’s clients receive comprehensive counsel on their business transactions in varied fields, such as software licensing agreements, various service agreements, business and technological collaborations, joint ventures, and VC projects, while addressing all relevant fiscal and commercial aspects of such transactions.

In addition to her legal experience and due to her military service as an officer in MAMRAM – the IDF’s Center of Computing and Information Systems, and her vast technological knowledge, Etti has gained a unique understanding and expertise in handling all legal, business, fiscal and commercial aspects related to the high-tech industry.

Furthermore, and as part of Etti’s daily work and acting as a permanent legal counsel to leading private and public companies, she has been providing legal services to Israeli and international companies in various commercial aspects, including the following services:

M&A transactions, investment agreements, assets and activity purchase agreements (representing companies and founders as well as the investors and funds) from the stage of execution of a term sheet, legal due diligence investigations, drafting and negotiating the transaction agreements and other ancillary transaction documents, including filing for the relevant approvals from the Anti-Trust Authorities until the final successful closing. While providing such services, Mrs. Koren pay special attention to business and tax aspects of the transaction, aiming at closing successful deals for her customers.

Wide range of commercial agreements, including in the IT and high-tech field, such as: development, license, EULA, manufacturing, OEM, distribution/reseller, finder-fee/referral(s), NDA(s), intellectual property, option agreements/plans, employment and services agreements, repurchase and etc..

Establishment of business and technological ventures, companies, partnerships and associations in Israel as well as abroad while accompanying such entities as of their inception (incorporation agreements, founders agreements, articles of associations), through the company’s ongoing commercial administration and through various rounds of investments.

Consultancy on various aspects of fiscal planning for both private and international corporations during various stages of the corporations conducts, Corporate resolutions, legal opinions and on-going consultations regarding various commercial issues as well as regulations.

LL.B, Tel- Aviv University (1991)

Israeli Bar Association (1993)

Hebrew (fluent), English (fluent).

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Zohar Levy, Partner

זוהר לוי

Zohar specializes in civil and commercial litigation and has extensive experience in managing complex proceedings and represents the clients of the firm, in complex and large monetary litigation cases in various civil and commercial matters. including contract law, tenders law, labor law, tort lawsuits and more all before various courts in Israel, as well as in arbitrations.

Zohar provides ongoing legal counsel to the firm’s clients in commercial and civil disputes, representation in labor disputes, disputes between shareholders, the handling of various injunctions, intellectual property issues, employee disputes, and more.

Zohar specializes in tender law and as such, provides the client with legal services from the stage of submission of the proposal and its compliance with the requirements of the tender, and represents the client before the tender committees and/or the tender editor during the execution of the agreement after winning the tender. Zohar further represents the client in various legal instances and courts to dispute the decisions rendered by the Tenders Committee or to defend the selection of the client’s proposal by the tenders committee.

Zohar has extensive experience both in court appearances before the various courts in Israel and in arbitrations.
Zohar joined our firm in 2007 and as of 2014 is a Partner in our firm.

LL.B, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude) (2000)
LL.M, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude) (2003)
Israeli Bar Association (2001).

Hebrew, English.

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