The cyber technology field is one of the growing and developing fields in the Israeli economy, in which each passing year the business activity only grows and creates new record achievements. The field of cyber technology requires ingenuity and adaptability of the services provided to the customers in an arena which changes on a daily basis. Israel is a global center in the field of cyber protection, intelligence, physical security and the development of market braking defense tools, inviting investors from around the globe to seek and find solutions in the field of cyber technology in Israel.

The firm possesses vast experience in the field of cyber technology and has a unique expertise with regard to the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects in this field, in addition to a technological understanding of this field as well. The firm is involved in many investments and transactions made in the field of cyber technology by venture capital funds and by private investors, such as drafting of contracts, conducting negotiations, leading transactions, participation in tenders, etc.

The firm counsels and guides many cyber technology companies throughout the various regulatory challenges they face and provides those companies with an array of solutions allowing them to pass the regulatory hurdles.

The firm’s vast experience enables it to stand by its clients also through times of crises when the client itself suffers from a cyber-attack, providing it counsel which will help the client persevere through such attacks. The National Cyber Security Authority set itself a prioritized value to implement the “cyber protection essentials” within Israeli organizations and corporations, while charting cyber risks and defining defense measures in order to reduce those risks while using the Israeli experience in both civil and military cyber technology.