Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Mediation & dispute resolution are an integral part of the field of litigation.
Are office, putting the clients interest at the forefront, is obligated to examine and offer its clientele alternative dispute resolutions via direct negotiations or through the help of a third party such as a mediator, and without the need for court procedures, and by doing so avoiding the time and resources deriving from such procedures.
Our firm has attained over the years rich experience and knowledge on the matter, enabling us to advise the client on which course of action is the most optimal one, not only taking in to account the specific dispute at hand, but also examining the benefits to the client’s business or disadvantages in taking the course of one procedure or another.
Thanks to the “toolbox” our firm has acquired over time, our firm holds great knowledge and experience which enables us to advise our clients on choosing the identity of the proper mediators, experts and advisors which are required in order to reach the proper solution which will end the dispute in a manner acceptable by the parties.