Mergers & Acquisitions

The firm’s legal team has acquired vast experience throughout the years in representing purchasers and/or sellers in Israeli and international M & A transactions, including transactions involving technology, high tech and startup companies.

The firm’s legal team manages settlements between shareholders while putting an emphasis on creative and effective solutions which contribute to the company’s business activity and to the implementation of M & A transactions.

The firm’s legal team provides legal counsel to its clients with regard to the various requirements in accordance with the law both in Israel and abroad, and provides assistance in acquiring the relevant permits in order to execute the transactions. The team’s considerable experience in M & A transactions enables the provision of counsel to the client during the stages of planning, negotiations and document preparation, all while looking forward and taking in to consideration various possible future scenarios and situations, and by doing so preventing possible difficulties that may occur.

The firm’s legal team provides close guidance on every transaction and on every aspect relevant to the transaction. This method of work enables the firm to provide both professional and individual consultation for the client throughout the various stages of the transaction and with regard to all the various aspects of the transaction, providing the client with one professional and accessible point which provides him with all his legal and commercial needs, including for instance the aspect of shareholders holding share options, antitrust law, reports to the Director General of the Antitrust Authority and various permits and registries (Company Registrar, Antitrust Authority, Registrar of Pledges, Registrar of Trademarks, etc.).