The firm’s legal team has acquired significant experience over the course of time in the various aspects of tender law. The firm counsels and represents its clients from the stage of filing an offer and examining whether the client fulfills the tender’s threshold requirements until the stage of representation by the tender committee and/or tender conductor during the execution of the transaction after the client has won the tender.

Participation and involvement in the filing stage will prevent in many instances disqualification on the one hand, while enabling the successful submission of an appeal with regard to choosing another contender on the other.

The firm’s legal team has unique skills in preparing tender proposals, taking in to consideration foreseeable developments in accordance with the tender’s threshold requirements and while emphasizing our client’s and his proposal’s advantages, along with abiding to the strict provisions of the tender regulations.

The firm’s legal team has substantial experience with regard to all matters of managing litigation procedures in the field of tenders, or defending a tender committee’s election of a client’s proposal while defending the client’s rights accordingly.