Selected Court Rulings

  • HCJFH 4601/95 Chai Yossef Sarussi VS. the National Labor Court and the National Insurance Institute
    (Hebrew only).

  • A precedent ruling delivered by the Supreme Court (Administrative Appeal 1506/11), sitting as the court for administrative appeals which dismissed an appeal over the District Court’s decision to accept our client’s position, in the controversy between GalKan Investments & Enterprise Ltd. (hereinafter: “Galkan”) together with the Israel Lands Administration (hereinafter: the “Administration”), and Yossi Shochat and Sons Ltd. (the “Shochat”), in which Galkan`s appeal was stricken out without prejudice while it is for the first time determined that a scribal error that was made at good will in a bank guarantee attached by Shochat, the bidder who won the tender of the Administration, subsequent to the bank’s mistake in typing the account number in the bank guarantee, does not constitute a cause for disqualification of the winner of the Administration’s tender and does not annul the winner’s award. The Honorable Supreme Court upheld the District Court’s decision (Administrative Petition 22166-12-10), even though the case law has provided that any failure in the bank guarantee would result in its disqualification, which effectively granted Shochat`s earlier petition to nullify Galkan`s award and its bank guarantee and dismissed Galkan`s appeal thereby leaving the District Court’s decision untouched.

  • AA 113/03 Gabriel Dotan and others VS. Co-Op the Blue Square Cooperative Society for Services
    (Hebrew only).

  • PA 10961/04 The National Insurance Institute VS. Matan Gotter
    (Hebrew only).

  • CA 3734/99 Ashraz Data Processing LTD. VS. The Chalamish Governmental municipal Company for Housing Rehabilitation in Tel Aviv-Yaffo LTD. (Hebrew only).

  • Motion 1602/95 (District – Tel Aviv) Itzhak Moyal VS. Shekem LTD. (Hebrew only).