Avi Grodberg, Partner

אבי גרודברג

Adv. Grodberg is a Managing Partner and, an expert in commercial law and head of the Real-estate department.

Adv. Grodberg has vast and extensive decades of experience in the field of real-estate and its various transactions. Adv. Adv. Grodberg represents a long list of leading entrepreneurs and contractors and is involved in a large number of notable and complex transactions.

One of Adv. Grodberg’s prominent traits is his ability to combine his broad business insight with his expertise in complex real-estate transactions. Thanks to this extraordinary ability, Adv. Grodberg counsels his clients from the initial stages of a business idea and leads them safely to the most optimal transaction both on a legal and commercial aspect, while providing extensive treatment of the transaction and all surrounding legal aspects accordingly, from beginning to end.

The knowledge, experience, legal & commercial creativity enable Adv. To create for every transaction the proper transaction plan and legal framework it requires, taking into account all relevant aspects, including fiscal, intellectual property and securities.

Adv. Grodberg’s clients state that he is a top notch professional, possesses creativity and originality, and that the leading principal with regard to working with him is his personal service and his in depth understanding of each of his clients’ businesses and needs, enabling him to tailor fit each transaction accordingly.

Adv. Grodberg’s is the head of all real-estate transactions of our firm:

Project Establishment: Adv. Grodberg is an expert in providing legal counsel to entrepreneurs during the establishment of large scale projects, and provides extensive service while planning the structure of the transaction in the most optimal manner for the client, beginning from the stages of preliminary examinations prior to purchase, handling the legal aspects of the land purchase, providing legal counsel in the planning stages including rezoning of the property, extensive counsel during the execution of financing agreements for the construction, contracts with planners, advisors, suppliers and contractors, until the completion of the project. Accordingly, Adv. Grodberg is involved in the establishment and counsel of high-tech & industrial parks, technology campuses, office buildings and commercial centers.

Income Generating Properties: transactions of purchasing and establishing large scale income generating assets (high tech parks, commercial centers, office buildings), while giving specific attention to the unique aspects of each transaction and adjusting the agreement to the specific requirements of each customer to fit the property and agreement to his needs.

Residential Buildings, Luxury residences and Buildings for Preservation:   handling a wide array of transactions regarding residential projects, including combination agreements, sales, leases and purchase groups. Adv. Grodberg has vast expertise and experience in the field of purchasing luxury residential properties and buildings for preservation, taking in to consideration the unique aspects of such transactions, and has represented clients in large-scale transactions in the most highly desired areas in Israel regarding these projects.

Urban Renewal- Adv. Grodberg has vast knowledge and experience in clearing & development transactions and NOP 38 transactions and represents his clients in numerous large-scale projects accordingly.

Real-Estate Taxation-  Adv. Grodberg holds in depth knowledge in the field of real estate taxation, enabling him to be involved in complex fiscal planning, finding for each of his clients in accordance to their transaction the most efficient tax parameters.


LL.M, Tel- Aviv University (1998)
LL.B, with honors, Tel- Aviv University (1993)
Israeli Bar Association (1993)

Hebrew ,English

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Email: avig@kg-law.co.il

Counsel & Establishment of Projects

Our firm has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing legal counsel for the establishment of projects in various fields, including, but not limited to, tech parks, high-tech campuses, logistic centers, residential buildings, etc. our firm provides extensive and all-inclusive legal counsel with regard to all the various stages of such transactions.

Yafit Montaky, Partner

יפית מונטקיו

Yafit is a partner in our firm’s real-estate department.

Yafit holds vast experience in dealing with income generating properties, such as high-tech industry projects, offices and commercial centers, both on a legal and commercial aspect. Yafit, through her experience, holds commercial insight providing her clients ongoing and extensive counsel in all managerial aspects of their income generating properties, including the preparation of rent agreements, management agreements, finance agreements and bank documents, working with the various government offices and registrations.

In addition, Yafit takes part in handling various complex transactions regarding the purchase and sale of income generating properties and the establishment of projects, including sale and purchase contracts, contractor agreements, advisor agreements and finance agreements.

Yafit has previous experience in managing complex litigation cases in the field of commercial-civil law. This experience assists her in drafting clear contracts which reflect in the best manner the parties’ intents and are convenient for implementation by the companies which she represents.


LL.M, Tel- Aviv University (2004)

LL.B, Hebrew University (1999)

Israeli Bar Association (2000)


Hebrew ,English

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E-mail: yafit@kg-law.co.il

Lior Bahar, Associate

ליאור בכר

Lior is an associate in our firm’s real-estate department.

Lior provides legal counsel to contractor companies in residential projects and represents entrepreneurs in commercial projects for rent, providing him vast experience in lease agreements of revenue providing projects.

Lior also handles clearing & development projects and the registration of common homes at the Israeli land registries. Lior also provides his clients with representation in front of the different government offices, such as the Israeli Land Authority, local municipalities, tax and land registration offices. Lior also provides representation in appeal procedures accordingly. Lior provides ongoing and extensive legal counsel with regard to various real-estate transactions.

Lior started as an intern in our firm, later on becoming an attorney following his completion of the Israeli Bar exams.

LL.B, Ramat- gan Academic Center (2015)
Israeli Bar Association (2016)

Hebrew ,English

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Email: lior@kg-law.co.il

Income Producing Properties

Our firm provides extensive service in the field of income generating assets, and has extensive experience providing counsel with regard to the establishment, marketing and managing of these assets. Our firm’s motto is in-depth familiarity with each of our projects, maintaining direct communication and establishing a dialogue with the client. Furthermore, our firm holds extensive knowledge in drafting financing agreements and other bank documents which are unique to the field of income generating assets.

Office buildings and High-tech

Our firm has accumulated extensive experience in the handling of complex and comprehensive projects for office and high-tech buildings, from their stages of establishment, their marketing and renting them out to the various tenants. This experience enables our firm to provide exact and custom-tailored counsel, along with handling negotiations with regard to the renting the properties in the optimal manner suited for the client’s needs.

Real-estate Tax

As part of our extensive services, our firm handles all fiscal matters regarding the execution of the projects, from the stage of optimal fiscal planning to provide the most reduced taxation path, constant reports and drafting assessments with the tax authorities and representing the client in discussions with said authorities. Furthermore, our firm handles procedures regarding the reduction betterment taxes, including representation of the client with appraisers, appeals committees and administrative appeals.
Our firm has been and continues to be involved in a number of legal procedures which have created precedents and rules on the matters of real estate capital gains tax and betterment tax.

Shahaff Goder, Associate

שחף גודר

Shahaff is a senior associate in the firm’s real-estate department.

Shahaff holds extensive and vast experience in complex real-estate transactions in their different variations, Shahaff handles among other things, commercial projects from the land purchase stage, and providing counsel through the different stages of the transaction such as the financial aspects, fiscal aspects, dealing with the government offices drafting various performance agreements (advisor, planners, project managers, contractors), and the leasing/sale of the project units.

Shahaff also holds expertise in managing residential projects, offices, logistic centers, and lease agreements; sale and purchase (revenue creating assets, buildings, residential buildings, purchase from contractor) management agreements, purchase groups, etc.

Shahaff’s services to his clients are known to be personal and attentive, while providing the client with his needs to his satisfaction.

LL.B, Colman College (1999)
MB.A, Finance, with honors, Colman College (2008)
EM.S, CUNY (2008)
Israeli Bar Association (2000)


Hebrew ,English

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E-mail: shahaff@kg-law.co.il

Residential Buildings, luxury residences and buildings for preservation

Our firm provides professional counsel, giving its clients all required legal services for the purpose of establishing and completing residential projects from beginning to end. Our firm provides its clients with close and thorough counsel throughout the various stages of the transaction, from the stage of molding the vision for the project, providing legal & commercial emphases’, draftin the various required transaction documents and providing fiscal counsel.

Urban Renewal

Our firm holds rich and diverse expertise under all aspects regarding clear and construct projects and NOP 38, including the representation of leading entrepreneurs in the field in a number of transactions, along with representation and providing counsel to tenants (both privately and via common home representatives) who are interested in consummating a transaction which will improve both the value of their property and the quality of life.
Our firm has an in depth understanding, skill and knowledge regarding all specific aspects of urban renewal projects, both on a legal and commercial aspect, enabling our clients to execute the transaction, all in order to create a proper balance between the parties to the agreement, which will bring the highest profit while protecting important party interests, including the provision of the proper relevant guarantees.
Due to the unique character of the above transactions, and the need to work with a large number of apartment owners in order to reach an agreement, one of our firm’s important characteristics is providing personal and close legal counsel to our clients, enabling direct communication between us and our clients, while listening, providing explanations, persuasion and mediation, in order to reach the understandings between all the relevant parties so as to execute the transaction and perform it in the most optimal manner.
Our firm provides our clients with close legal counsel throughout the various stages of the transaction, from the initial communications with the entrepreneur, and until transfer of ownership of the new apartment, an all-inclusive treatment while providing professional service throughout the project.