Administrative Litigation

Our firm possesses considerable expertise and experience in the various fields of administrative litigation, including in the fields of tenders, antitrust, construction, licensing, etc., and we represent our clients in a wide plethora of government institutions, planning institutions and different court tribunals.

Class Actions

Our firm has acquired vast experience over the years in representing defendants in various class actions, both in the stage of approval of the class action and in the other stages as well. Our firm represented foreign corporations which were sued in Israel as well as local corporations.

Commercial, Civil &Real-estate Litigation

Our firm holds vast experience in representing both Israeli and international corporations, along with key position holders within corporations, in complex and diverse commercial disputes. Our firm also has considerable experience in appearances, under all courts and tribunals, and in managing complex arbitrations, involving significant sums. Over the years our firm has gained great experience and expertise in the various procedures of commercial and civil litigation, including commercial disputes, corporate law disputes, derivative and control suits, contract law disputes, real- estate disputes, tender law disputes, class actions suits, intellectual property suits including copyright, commercial secrets, samples, patents, trademarks; libel suits, tort suits, labor law disputes and consumer law suits.


Our firm has vast experience in the field of defamation and has represented and represents currently both private and commercial clients both as plaintiffs and as defendants in the various tribunals, and has also represented in cases that received wide coverage in the media.
Our firm provides legal counsel to its clients whether as defendants under the claim that they allegedly published defamation material, or as plaintiffs claiming that defamation has been or will be published regarding themselves, while providing quick responses to the client who usually requires the execution of speedy procedures such as requesting temporary remedies such as injunctions, in order to prevent the defamation publications.
The knowledge gained in the field of defamation by our firm is substantial and diverse, placing our firm in the leading attorney offices practicing in the field of defamation.

Gali Gersh, Associate

גלי גרש

Gali specializes in litigation and her work includes representation of the firm’s clients before civil commercial courts with an emphasis on the contracts law, labor law, copyright law, slander, class action suits and monetary claims.

Gali also provides to the firm’s clients a variety of legal services in the field of labor law and has vast experience, with emphasis on providing constant legal counsel and services to the firm’s clients, drafting employment and consultancy agreements, NDA’s and non- competition agreements,  providing legal counsel at the final stages prior to termination of employment, including during dismissal hearings, contractual relations with senior employees, due diligence, etc.

Gali joined the firm in 2010 as an intern in the litigation department, and has continued as a certified lawyer in the department since 2011.

LL.B, the Faculty of Law at the College of Management Academic Studies (2010)
Member of the Israeli Bar Association (2011)

Tel Aviv University’s General Mediation Course (2019)

Hebrew, English

December 2013- publication in the “Al HaPigomin” newspaper, with regards to the ground breaking amendment proposal for the Israeli Women’s Work Law (Paternity Leave) (2013).

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Labor Disputes

Over the years our firm has attained substantial experience in handling legal procedures with regard to labor law, whether on the side of the employee or the employer, in all legal tribunals, including the representation during hearings and disciplinary procedures and representation during negotiations regarding collective agreement provisions. As part of our firm’s synergy our labor law department provides on going counsel in the field of labor law, being familiar also with the litigative aspects of this field as well. As part of our litigation services we represent our clients in various arbitration procedures both within Israel and abroad (e.g., at the ICC), as part of arbitration agreements or arbitration clauses within other agreements and/or as part of representation teams within arbitrations that the Israeli law does not apply and we supply our clients with constant and close counsel.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Mediation & dispute resolution are an integral part of the field of litigation.
Are office, putting the clients interest at the forefront, is obligated to examine and offer its clientele alternative dispute resolutions via direct negotiations or through the help of a third party such as a mediator, and without the need for court procedures, and by doing so avoiding the time and resources deriving from such procedures.
Our firm has attained over the years rich experience and knowledge on the matter, enabling us to advise the client on which course of action is the most optimal one, not only taking in to account the specific dispute at hand, but also examining the benefits to the client’s business or disadvantages in taking the course of one procedure or another.
Thanks to the “toolbox” our firm has acquired over time, our firm holds great knowledge and experience which enables us to advise our clients on choosing the identity of the proper mediators, experts and advisors which are required in order to reach the proper solution which will end the dispute in a manner acceptable by the parties.

Professional Malpractice

As part of our litigative services our firm handles legal procedures (both as plaintiffs and defendants) in matters of professional liability, and, if required, doing so in fruitful and constant cooperation with the insurer representatives of the defendants with insurance policies, such as members of a company’s board of directors.

Regulation Litigation

Our firm provides its clients ongoing counsel on various complex issues in the various fields of regulation, including legislation procedures in the Israeli Knesset, representation in committees, etc. our firm has ongoing experience in the field of regulation and assists its clients with extensive counsel on the ramifications of new legislation relevant to the client’s activity and provides legal opinions on regulatory matters so that the client can adjust his activity to comply with the relevant legislation.
The vast experience our firm ahs attained allows us to represent and advise large and known companies both in Israel and abroad on an ongoing basis with regard to regulatory issues.

Rotem Preminger, Associate

רותם פרמינגר

Rotem specializes in litigation and is vastly experienced in managing a wide variety of civil and commercial claims before various courts in Israel and arbitrations, with an emphasis on monetary claims.


Rotem is experienced in managing legal cases in a variety of fields,  including Insurance law, contract law, and various property claims (i.e. eviction suits, deviations and construction defects, damages due to a decrease in the value of the property, neighbor disputes and more), various monetary claims, labor disputes, opposition to wills and more.


Rotem also provides ongoing legal counsel to the firm’s international clients in local disputes, and  manages litigation cases for foreign entities in Israel, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants.


Additionally, Rotem specializes in labor law and provides the firm’s clients with a variety of legal services in this field of law with emphasis on providing constant legal counsel and services to the firm’s clients, drafting employment and consultancy agreements, NDA’s and non- competition agreements,  providing legal counsel at the final stages prior to termination of employment, including during dismissal hearings, contractual relations with senior employees, due diligence, etc.


Rotem is further experienced in the fields of commercial & corporate law, providing ongoing legal counsel and services to the firm’s private corporation clients from the foundation of the corporation as well as the preparation of  constitutional documents, corporate resolutions and participation in corporate meetings. Rotem further specializes in the preparation of Investment agreements, purchase agreements, service agreements, project agreements, distributions agreements, NDA’s, due diligence and the dissolving of private corporations.


Finally, Rotem provides the firm’s clients with services for the preparation and registration of a continuous power of attorney in arrangement and preparation for the future, to secure the choices made for the treatment to be provided to the appointer with regards to his health, person and property in the event that he is unable to make such decisions for himself, as well as services for the professional planning and drafting of wills in accordance to the law and precedence, while providing advice as to the preferred kind of will to be drafted (individual or mutual, before a notary or before witnesses) as well as the preferability of providing gifts in life or bequeathing property in a will, all with attention and sensitivity so as to avoid inheritance disputes. Rotem also provides consultation and services for the drafting of  cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements.


Rotem Preminger joined the firm in 2009 and has been specializing in litigation since 2001.

LL.B, the University of Manchester, UK (2000)
Israeli Bar Association (2001)

Hebrew, English (Mother tongue).

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The firm’s legal team has acquired significant experience over the course of time in the various aspects of tender law. The firm counsels and represents its clients from the stage of filing an offer and examining whether the client fulfills the tender’s threshold requirements until the stage of representation by the tender committee and/or tender conductor during the execution of the transaction after the client has won the tender.

Participation and involvement in the filing stage will prevent in many instances disqualification on the one hand, while enabling the successful submission of an appeal with regard to choosing another contender on the other.

The firm’s legal team has unique skills in preparing tender proposals, taking in to consideration foreseeable developments in accordance with the tender’s threshold requirements and while emphasizing our client’s and his proposal’s advantages, along with abiding to the strict provisions of the tender regulations.

The firm’s legal team has substantial experience with regard to all matters of managing litigation procedures in the field of tenders, or defending a tender committee’s election of a client’s proposal while defending the client’s rights accordingly.

Tenders Litigation

Our firm’s team has acquired vast experience over the years in the various aspects of tenders. The office provides counsel throughout the stages of the tender, from the proposal submission and examinations on whether the client meets the threshold criteria’s of the tender, representation at the tender committees and/or tender conductor during the execution of the agreement after winning the tender and filling petitions with regard to tenders. Our team has great experience with regard to all litigation procedures in the field of tenders, including client representation in the different legal tribunals, such as filling administrative petitions, while putting an emphasis on quick responses to the client which often requires quick responses to request urgent remedies such as injunctions and other temporary remedies to protect and/or conserve his interests during the tender procedures.

Wills & Inheritance

Over the years our firm has provided will preparation services to our various clients. Among our other fields of practice, our firm has handled a number of objection to will procedures, in the various different sensitive and unique angles these procedures tend to unfold to.